New GRIF 2024 version

GRIF (a technology of TotalEnergies) 2024 is now available.

You can download it on

We add a lot of new features:


  • File association is proposed at first start of portable version.
  • Result syntheses can be exported in xlsx format.
  • XLSX format replace the old xls (2003 version) in most of the exports.
  • Batch configuration with XLSX files.
  • New options for file comparison.
  • New table of comments (gather all commentaries and dynamic display)
  • Watermark is now available on page background (not only for PDF printing).
  • New warning when deleting (GRIF warns you is related object are deleted)
  • Memorizing position in page.
  • The “paste” action now pastes to a visible location (center of the view).
  • Filter of tree structures.
  • Column Header is included when copying tables.
  • New “delete” button in batch configuration panel.
  • Computation options are included in results (dedicated tab).
  • Dropdown menus are resized to fit their contents.
  • License reconnection is possible (when you exit standby mode).
  • Memory setup is directly available in GRIF-launcher.
  • Copy/MultiPaste will help you to paste N times your clipboard.
  • Possible values of an attribute among a list of data of your model.
  • Order and size of table columns is saved in the document.
  • Undo (CTRL+Z) available inside text editors.
  • Jar and exe signature.
  • Handling new Microsoft Azure rules (for HPC Plugin)
  • Automatic restart after GRIF update
  • Performance improvement for Batch export: less memory used.
  • New Plugin manager to activate or deactivated plugins.

Boolean package

  • System/component tree structure panel
  • New computation method when truncating: Back computation is used for all quantitative results.
  • Albizia memory configuration is available in GRIF-Launcher.
  • Attributes are available when selecting failure modes in tables.
  • Enumerated attributes can have colors (one color per possible value).
  • Save as “without results” available in Bool module.
  • UFI and MIF performance optimization.


  • Document comparison. New default template.

Package simulation

  • New GUI for MocaRP code


  • New function object.
  • New macro/procedure object.
  • Table with several column.


  • Column selection is memorized for additional failure table.
  • New “Location” column in separator table.
  • By-Pass is also considered when stopping due to power loss and preventive maintenance.
  • New Profiling block table.
  • Flows can be sorted.


  • Global variable to communicate between blocks. Variable grouping in configuration panel. New Profiling block.