Satodev: Official TOTAL RAMS Softwares distributor

Dear GRIF and Moca users,

SATODEV is now the official TOTAL RAMS Softwares distributor: GRIF, Moca and Albizia.

Our company was created by the two main developers of these softwares:  Philippe Thomas and Cyrille Folleau. Our mission is to distribute, to insure the evolution and correction through our maintenance as well as the user’s training to the different GRIF modules.

The 2010 version presented at the user’s club reunion in December 2009 will be soon available .As the previous versions, it will work with USB security dongles. When you will renew your maintenance contract or buy a new license, a SATODEV USB security dongle will be sent.

The old keys (provided by the ancient distributor) will not allow you to use the 2010 version and further.

Within a few days, I will individually contact you to gather the necessary information for the drawing of new maintenance contracts.

Cyrille Folleau