Nouvelle version : GRIF 2023

La version 2023 de GRIF* est maintenant disponible. Avant toutes choses, toutes les personnes souhaitant utiliser GRIF 2023 avec des licences réseaux devront mettre à jour leur serveur de licences comme rappelé ici :

La nouvelle version 2023 est disponible sur la page des téléchargements :

Comme chaque nouvelle version, elle comporte l’ensemble des nouvelles fonctionnalités développées durant l’année écoulée. Nous vous les avons présentées pendant le club GRIF fin Mars, pour rappel :

Améliorations communes à tous les modules de GRIF 2023 :

  • Improvement of the GRIF launcher,
  • Improvement of the GUI,
  • IT improvements,
  • New drop-down menu with search,
  • Enable editing of objects in glue,
  • Improvement of the GRIF launcher,
  • Improvement of the GUI,
  • IT improvements,
  • Management of licenses by modules,
  • New drop-down menu with search,
  • Enable editing of objects in glue,

Petri et autres modules du package simulation :

  • Attributes for variables,
  • No “+ or – epsilon” option for stat 7 and 9,
  • Help for writing Moca functions,
  • Content assist with place name in code editors,
  • Typing formula when creating a variable,
  • New scenario/test-case system for validating hypotheses in the models,
  • Increase of the maximum size of tables and profiles,
  • Improved performance of interactive simulation.

Petro :

  • Improvement of the equipment configuration window (size, scrollbar, startup),
  • New drop-down menus with search in conditions,
  • Improvement of the « Copy/Paste » of blocks,
  • EXCEL import for detailed maintenance,
  • Display of detailed contribution data in interactive simulation,
  • Simulation columns for the equipment table,
  • Automatic firing of transitions with a true attribute,
  • Addition of start conditions on specific blocks,
  • Start interactive simulation on the computed document,
  • Replacement of PA1 PA2 by PA A and PA B according to ISO20816.
  • Selection of production results by flow / output,
  • Link table filter and chart filter in results,
  • Display of all components in the contribution results,
  • New chart legend if to many items.

Flex :

  • Generic resource block,
  • Multiple block image modification,
  • Enable HPC computation from Flex,
  • Ability to export the number of forward/backward branches of a connector.

HPC Plugin :

  • Errors of HPC computation are displayed on client side,
  • Batch computation

Modules du package Booléen :

  • New probability distributions,
  • Beta Plugin,
  • Creation of a SIL component database plugin,
  • Right click “Attach to CCF” available in data tables,
  • Tree: Resizing element
  • Tree: export of logical tree,
  • BFiab: Improving the performance of BDD computing through topological indexing,
  • Improved performance of UFI calculations for non-coherent trees.

Risk :

  • New dynamic fields with list of objects,
  • Adding a title block to pages,
  • Templates in the left part,
  • Risk events resizing (with mouse),


  • GUI update,
  • Creation of a simplified mode,
  • Component database improvement,
  • Definition of a « category » level for instruments,
  • Integration of Beta plugin in the PDF/EXCEL report,
  • HFT calculations by specifying the HFT of a component,
  • Ability to refurbish (replace) components before the end of the operating period,
  • Better integration of SRS in SIL,
  • Considering PST and Response time for SIF compliance.

*GRIF est une marque enregistrée détenue par la Compagnie TotalEnergies et utilisée sous licence.