GRIF Simulation Package

The GRIF-Workshop Simulation Package is designed to simulate complex and dynamic systems.

Three modeling levels are available:

– Diagram blocks,

– Oil and gas diagram PFD type,

– Petri nets,

– Diagram with creation of their own Petri net component models.



The four modules take into account the necessary resources (spare parts, maintenance team…) to insure the proper functioning of the components. The Petri nets flexibility enables the modeling of almost all the systems.


In all the modules, a petri net is generated in the MOCA-RP format. Moca-RP is the Monte-Carlo simulation engine developed for over 30 years by ELF Aquitaine and TOTAL.

As the MOCA-RP simulates de system’s behavior, it can provide all the information about the created Petri net:

– The system and components availability,

– The reliability,

– Time spent in each states,

– The recovery time after a certain event,

– The consumed resources,

– The system production.

As in all GRIF-Workshop modules, it is possible to automatize the computations, to directly draw the curves, charts and histograms into the software. Results confidence intervals are visible on the curves in order to insure the relevancy of the results.  It is also possible to export your work in different formats such as PDF, Excel, and Text…


For more details about the GRIF Modules consult our product website: