GRIF Boolean trainings

formationThe following courses are offered to engineers in dependability who wish to become more proficient in using GRIF-Workshop tools :


BoolTraining on the Boolean package
This five-day course is designed for those who already have a good knowledge of Boolean approaches and wish to use the GRIF Boolean package tool. Our five Boolean modules (Tree, BFiab, SIL, ETree, Reseda and Bool) will be presented over the five-day course from a theoretical and practical stand point.


SimulationTraining on the Simulation package
A five-day course to help you master the three modules in the simulation package: Petri, Petro and BStock. A large share of this course is devoted to examining your problems in order to find modeling techniques that meet your needs.


TreeTraining on Tree
For those already familiar with Boolean approaches who wish to learn to use our tool. The course is also open to confirmed users who want to have an overview of all the features of the module and learn best practices to optimize their modeling.


– Training on RISKRisk65
The RISK module is part of the Boolean package and is used to perform calculations for risk studies to estimate the frequency and severity of the scenarios. This module is used to check the protection of the installations to ensure that they meet the objectives set. It is possible to carry out both determinations and verifications on the safety levels. This 2-day training session covers all of these issues.


SILTraining on SIL
One and half-day course to lean to master standards IEC 61508/61511 and carry out integrated safety level computations using our SIL module specifically designed for them.



PetriTraining on PETRI
A very practical course that first provides theoretical information about Petri nets, followed by practical assignments on our PETRI module. The varying difficulty of exercises over the three days of the course will allow you to become independent in this type of modeling and be capable of dealing with problems specific to your situation.


Flex65– Training FLEX
Flex is a module that allows users to create their own Petri net component models and use them in a more user-friendly interface where the system is portrayed as a block diagram. In addition to the Petri nets training (or as a standalone course for those who are Petri-net proficient), this 2-day training session will help you become familiar with this new simulation module.


PetroTraining on PETRO
Contrary to what its name indicates, our PETRO module can be used in all sectors, outside the oil industry, for running production availability studies. Over the three-day course, trainees not only learn to work on the module independently, but also to master all of its features in order to perfectly understand and perform modeling.


For each course, we provide a “training” version of the software on a USB key, together will all the tutorial files and documents.


Whatever your needs, please contact us to:

  • Build your project: we can help you define your objectives and expectations of the course.
  • Find an offer that meets your needs (from our list or customized).
  • Guarantee the best possible follow-up. Meetings can be organized by WEBEX to help you grasp certain concepts, assist you with modeling difficulties, etc.