GRIF Boolean Package

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The GRIF-Workshop Boolean package makes system modeling easy thanks to Fault Trees, Reliability Diagram Blocks, Event Trees, Safety Loops or to reliability networks. It is also possible to perform calculations to study LOPA-type risks with determinations and safety-level checking.
It is possible to simultaneously use several modeling types within the same document, for example, to define a block or a barrier failure by the fault tree describing the failure.
The user interface is designed to ease the input. The configuration of objects is simply made by entering a name and a failure law (constant, exponential, Weibull, periodic test…).
The common cause failure management (CCF) is simply made by defining the group of objects impacted by the CCF.
The computations are generated by the ALBIZIA engine, a Binary Decision Diagram computation engine that performs exact analytic computations and a wide range of results about the studied system. The available results are:
– The unavailability which symbols are Q(t), U(t) or PFD(t),
– The frequency which symbols are W(t), UFI(t) or PFH(t),
– The equivalent failure rate which symbols are λeq(t) ou λv(t)
For every calculation, it is possible to obtain the value, the average and the integral in function of time.
Furthermore, the importance factor computations (Birnbaum, critical, DIF, RRW, RAW) will allow you to identify the enhancements that can be made to your system.
As well as the quantitative analysis, it is possible to undertake the computation of minimal cut-sets and primary-impliquants.
As in all GRIF-Workshop modules, it is possible to automatize the computations, to directly draw the curves, charts and histograms into the software.  It is also possible to export your work in different formats such as PDF, Excel, and Text…
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