Theoretical trainings

formationWe also offer theoretical courses on dependability:


Basic training on dependability
Half a day to review important concepts of dependability. The course gives an overview of the different concepts, definitions, formulas and applications, which will provide a better understanding of the settings used in the different modules of the GRIF suite.


Training on the Boolean approach
A course for those who wish to learn the basics of Boolean approaches and more particularly fault tree analyses. Combined with the basic training on dependability, it provides in-depth understanding of the different aspects of modeling and the knowledge needed to use the TREE module.


Customized training
Finally, we can also work with you on designing a customized course that will best meet your needs and mobilize the right resources (customized course length, personalized content, practical exercises, etc.).


Whatever your needs, please contact us to:

  • Build your project: we can help you define your objectives and expectations of the course.
  • Find an offer that meets your needs (from our list or customized).
  • Guarantee the best possible follow-up. Meetings can be organized by WEBEX to help you grasp certain concepts, assist you with modeling difficulties, etc.