A “progressive” maintenance

In order to optimize the use of our RAMS softwares, TOTAL and SATODEV propose a “progressive” maintenance.

More than a simple maintenance, the “perfective” maintenance gives you a complete support and guarantees you access to the new versions and the new GRIF modules.


Our maintenance includes:

Support utilisateurs 1. Help-line: In the event of a problem when you install or use the software, please send an e-mail


Patchs/correctifs2. Patches/correctives: You have detected a bug, do not hesitate to contact us to report it, we will do our best to provide you with a corrective as soon as possible.


Nouvelles versions 3. New versions: Every year, new GRIF versions bring enhancement to respond to new problematic (standards, cost,…) and optimize the user experience.


Nouveaux modules4. New modules: New modules can be created, your maintenance gives you access the new modules covered by your license.
For example if you had a 2012 Simulation Package, the “progressive” maintenance gives you access to the new PETRO module in 2013.